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A thoughtful, feel-good gift for the holidays or just to show you care anytime of the year!  It includes a stainless steel spring-loaded tea infusor, our lavender-scented heating pad, a dozen orange blossom honey stix and four 2 oz samples of teas in the following immune-boosting flavors:  Chammomile, Elderberry-Echinacea, Lemon-Ginger and Turmeric Chai.


For all-season cold-busting teas, consider a monthly subscription!  Subscription will include the sampler teas only - no infusor, heating pad or honey.  Want both?  Simply add the gift set to your cart then come back and add the subscription-only to the cart.  Your recipient will receive the gift set for the holidays and just the tea sampler going forward each month!


Tea leaves in an infusor may be re-brewed twice in one day. Each 8 oz amount yields approximately 30 cups of tea.


Brew temps and times make the difference between an "OK" cup of tea and a PERFECT cup of tea. If you're going to brew a cup, do it right! Our "Tea Brewing Cheat Sheet" pdf comes FREE with all tea orders. It lists every tea type and how long to brew and at what temperature to brew.

You're welcome! :)


Feel Better Gift Set

PriceFrom $22.50
Price Options
One-time purchase
Tea Sampler Only
Tea only, no extras
$22.50every month until canceled
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