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Enjoy micro-herbs and flavorful micro-greens that are harvested at their peak and dehydrated with a process which retains a minimum of 95% of the microgreen's nutrients*.  One 1/2 tsp serving equals over one large handful of fresh micro-herbs and is equal to a full serving of regular herbs!


We call them "Super Herbs" because they have all the flavor of their mature counterparts but also naturally have more nutrients.  Because dehydrating  removes the excess moisture, the nutrient density increases dramatically and becomes super concentrated, creating Super Herbs!


NOTE: It takes 1 full 10"x20" grow tray of micro-greens to fill each 4 oz jar!


Uses: as a seasoning in place of salt to reduce sodium intake, add to oil and vinegar to make your own nutrient-dense salad dressings or dips, use in place of fresh herbs when cooking.  


Ingredients: 100% dehydrated micro-herbs that were grown in BPA-free, recycled trays with organic seeds and organic soil.  No chemicals whatsoever. All trays and supplies used in growing our greens are proudly 100% USA-made!


Looking for fresh micro-greens and live in Rhode Island?  Join our micro-green subscription program and we will grow your greens to order.  Simply pick up at one of our farm stand pickup locations!  Do to our high quality standards, we do not ship fresh greens at this time.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Nothing on this website should be construed as medical advice.  Consult your doctor before making any major dietary changes or when adding any nutritional supplements to your diet.

Dried Super-Herbs

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