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It's the Season of Change

We have streamlined our farming business by spinning off our floral and horticultural therapy sections to a separate website and renaming it, "Max's Everlasting Garden" (

Max's Farm has expanded to include not only our delicious herbs and teas, but fresh and dried microgreens!

In an effort to remain local, we will be offering two pickup locations for fresh greens.  

Micro-greens are produced year-round and can be purchased dried through our website or ask about our fresh greens SUBSCRIPTION program (for local pickup only) and save $$!

If you want to be kept in the loop on our changes, sign up below and be ready for a wild new ride!

(Don't worry - we won't send you spam.  Spam is like digital weeds and nobody likes weeds!)

Thanks, we'll be in touch!

__climate change withered earth.jpg

Change is coming.  Good has to. 

Either we change the way we live, the way we communicate, the way we treat each other and the way we treat the planet, or we perish as a civilized species. 


But, what can one person do? Plenty. 


It's not about one person changing the world, it's about one person changing the choices they make.  Then another person changes..... and another.... 

Ask yourself what you can do to change your own impact on the planet. Tiny, incremental changes add up to big improvements over time. Will you support local businesses instead of opting for the convenience of getting a big box delivery?? Grow your own food or visit your local farmer's market? Commit one random act of kindness every day? Every little bit helps. For more ideas, join our email list, above.

About Us

Welcome to Max's Farm,

a microgreen, tea and herb producer located in southern Rhode Island.

The farm is run by us: Mark & Laurie Charpentier, two corporate drop-outs turned farmers

Our unique story can be found here.

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