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There's nothing like the Holidays....

the aromas and flavors of the Holiday season are upon us - rosemary and thyme-roasted turkey, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, allspice and apples, hot orange cardamom tea.......if you get what we mean, we get you, too!  
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Image by Andrei Lasc

Change is coming.  Good change.....it has to. 

Either we change the way we live, the way we communicate, the way we treat each other and the way we treat the planet, or we perish as a civilized species. 


But, what can one person do? Plenty. 


It's not about one person changing the world, it's about one person changing themselves.  Then another person changes..... and another.... 

Ask yourself what you can do to change your own impact on the planet. Tiny changes add up over time. Will you support small business?  Make your own non-toxic cleaners? Use re-usable dryer sheets?  Grow your own food? Commit one random act of kindness every day? Every little bit helps.  For more ideas, join our email list, above.

About Us

Living in Harmony with Nature

Welcome to Max's Farm,

an educational herb & lavender micro farm

located in southern Rhode Island.

The farm is run by us: Mark & Laurie Charpentier, two corporate drop-outs turned unlikely farmers.  

Our unique story, including how the farm got named, can be found here.

From Alzheimer Gardens to Children's Faerie Gardens and everything in between!  This section will inspire and educate you on the importance of intent when planning your garden.